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 Holy Priest - Holyangell

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PostSubject: Holy Priest - Holyangell   Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:55 pm

Name: Steve
Age: 32
Location: England

ingame info :

Character Name: Holyangell
Character Realm: Tarren Mill
Class: Priest
Spec: Holy / Disc
Professions: Tailor/ Blacksmith 525 on both

Why are you applying to Valhalla? Loooking for raiding guild that are working on 25. Have relax time in a guild enviroment where people just can chat away and have a laugh. Do old content always a bonus and plod along.

Raid times are 1930-2300 (invites start at 1915) Wednesday/Sunday and Tuesday, Will you be able to attend at these times? Yes not an issue

What steps do you take to improve your character? Always read up on patch notes/ check tank spot/elitejerk and try out new specs a lot too.

What is your raiding experience?
Vanilla wow:
WOTLK: ICC 12/12 nm 9/12 HC before nerf as lvl 80
Cata: 12/12 2/13hc before FL came out. 6/7 firelands.

What are your past guilds and why did you leave? Have realm transfered.

Do you feel you can bring anything special to Valhalla? I can play my MS quite well (Holy) I am a laid back character who likes a laugh. I learn quickly and I don't point finger to blame. If people make errors so be it, if the same person makes the same error time after time then thats for the RL to sort and no one else.

Do you have a working ventrillo and mic? Yes but I dont use the mic unless required to be honest.

Do you speak fluent english (gchat and vent are both english)? yes fluent in both.
Any other information you would like us to know about you? Am a quiet person who just goes on and gets the job done, Holy spec is my fav by way, I can play disc if certain fights require it but HOLY FTW for me. Thanks

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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest - Holyangell   Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:56 am

Hello mate Smile

Have read over your apply and it's decent, your fl exp is equal to that of the guilds so thats all good.
The problem is we currently have a 100% active Hpriest aswell as a disc priest.

As such we dont have a fulltime spot available for another disc/holy priest i am afraid :<

Sorry for the delayed response we had some discussions over this apply.

Gl elsewhere mate
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest - Holyangell   Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:07 am

np thanks for the response GL in guild endeavours Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest - Holyangell   

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Holy Priest - Holyangell
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