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 Arcane mage application.

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PostSubject: Arcane mage application.   Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:51 am

Name - In wow my name is Aeegiz and in RL my name is Andreas Smile

Level - 85

Class - orc Female Very Happy

Age - 19

Location - Hedemora Sweden

Your Goals - To be in endcontent in all raiding purposes and have fun while raiding and chatting with guildies.

Have you read the guild information, and consent to what is discussed within? Yes and the rules seems perfect for me!

Gear Profile: link from armory

Alt Characters Above Level 70 (Name/Level/Class)

- Got two 85s that i also play on.

What is your spec and what did you choose this particular build?

- Arcane and my specc is because it fits me and are the original and really good atm.

Why do you wish to Valhalla in particular?

- The reason why i want to join Valhalla is because i have been reading alot about this guild and i like all what ive been reading.

It seems to be an friendly guild with the same goal that you want nice progressing and trying out the most difficulty fights and i love when you have to work hard for progression.

Have you ever been a member in Valhalla? (if the answer is yes write down why you left the guild)

- No.

What is your current or previous Guild and why do you wish to leave them?

- My guild i started cata with is Swedish Match i played a few weeks in the new

realease and i got a few raiding bosses down but then i got irl

problems and had to move from where i lived at that time but now its all stable again and i got internet yesterday but when i camed back to wow and asked for an spot they said no and are at this point full for raiding so i have to leave them to be able to raid and i love to raid so..

What is your Cataclysm, WOTLK, BC and pre-BC raiding exp, What have you been rading?

- ooh this is much i have raided all endgame contents available in WOTLK but so far in cataclsym i have 10 bosses down and i have tried magmaw and halfus and chimaeron hc. Im gonna list them below


Blackwing descent 6/6 Magmaw heroic 25 man cleared and Atramedes 10 man heroic cleared.

Baradin hold cleared!

Bastion of twilight Cleared! Halfus heroic 10 man cleared.

ToC 10/25 : Cleared

ToGC 10 got a tribute to dedicated insanity!

togc 25 5/5 killed and got a tribute to skill!

ICC 10 12/12 ICC 10 hc 11/12 got glory of the icecrown raider 10 man

ICC 25 12/12 ICC 25 hc 11/12 got 2 achievements left for 25 man glory of the icecrown raider.

All this is on my main i had until now. and thats my paladin named Zapyr.

UI interface: Link a screen-shot of your interface (preferably in raid/combat). If possible supply us with WWS Stats link of yourself in action. /combatlog /target dummy upload at, or

- I have just bought this computer and got almost nothing as pictures.

What strengths would you hope to bring to the guild if accepted?

- First of all i hope that i gets accepted and if i get that i hope i can help some with my experience and im always calm while raiding.

What's your dps/threat rotation on single target and what do you use on AoE fights? (only applies to dps/tanks). What are your healing priorities while healing Tank and what do you use for raid healing? (if you are applying as healer)
Its the regular spamming ab until i atleast got proc and rotating cds. its all about the fight.

For how many raids you would be available?

- Im available for all days!

Are you mature enough with communication tools? (forums, ventrilo)

- Yes always.

What is your PC configuration and what internet connection do you have?

- Prossesor : Inter(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz

(RAM) : 4GB HyperX

I bought it this week and it works really good so far! Smile

Are there any current members of Valhalla that might vouch for you (This means they can put hand for you, not just played with them in some heroic)?

- no.

Anything else that you would like to add in support of this application?

- Well i would like to say that im 100% dedicated to the guild i am in and im always calm and nice to peoples and i love to help if there is something someone need to know.

So im looking forward to meet the officers decision. Smile

Do you have any other abilities which could be helpfull for guild(web programing etc..)?

- Nope
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane mage application.   Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:37 am

Hello Aeegiz , nice apply.

After reading through your apply and checking your armoury i have a few things to ask.

Firstly gear

Bracers:- You could obtain the Valor point 378 bracers for ingame gold.
Weapon:- You could get hold of a 378 dagger :- chelleys scalpel/Staff Or the 365 craftable.
Offhand:- Offhand from molten front dailys.
Trinket; moonwell challice from molten front.
Neck: Molten front quests reward a 365.

Your apply in general: Where did you get the template, are you currently applying elsewhere?

Thirdly, in general a decent apply i like the looks of it all in all and would like to know what you think of the possible gear upgrades. Get back to us asap mate.

//mietosis, GM
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PostSubject: Arcane mage application.   Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:30 am

Yes ofc im farming badges right now. and i have made some upgrades today with t12 gloves and neck and wrists so right now im at an 363 ilvl. and im working alot to get those gear fixes. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane mage application.   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:29 am

Being i can see you have started on the upgrades the gm suggested we have decided to offer you a spot,
on the condition you get an upgraded weapon asap,
Whisper Alluré, Mietosis or Dethraven ingame for an invite.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane mage application.   

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Arcane mage application.
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