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 Ehnancement Shaman Foku

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PostSubject: Ehnancement Shaman Foku   Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:34 am

Personal information:
Name: Mohamed Mustafa
Age: 18
Location: Bulgaria

ingame info :

Character Name: Foku
Armory Link: ( i'll try to log out in my PvE gear)
Class: Shaman
Spec: Enhancement
Professions: Leatherworking/Enchanting, both maxxed

Why are you applying to Valhalla? The first time I had heard about Valhalla was in WotLk, when I migrated to TM from Maghteridon.If I remember correctly the guild was pretty active and progressing. Looks like you guys are trying to rebuild and I'll like to be part of that. The other reason is that my current guild is slowly dying and i'm on the lookout for a new guild, and as I said Valhalla looks promising- not too casual or hardcore, and making progress.

Raid times are 1900-2300 Wednesday/Sunday and Tuesday, are there any issues you can see with your attendance?
No, I can attend raids on these dates and I'll always show up if I have signed up.

What steps do you take to improve your character? Well, after I've mastered the basics I try to read different guides ( especially after major patches) and to put the theoritical knowledge into practice. Besides that I try to stay active on the official class forums ( and mmo ones) and participate in discussions.

What is your raiding experience?
Vanilla wow: Wasn't playing at that point.
TBC: Cleared tier4 instances, was moving into tier5 with my guild when wotlk came ( killed a few t5 bosses)
WOTLK: Basically I cleared everything up to Lich King and Helion ( I still haven't killed these two). But I used to PUG a lot of the content at that time.
Cata: I've cleared BoT, BWD and ToFW a few weeks before the nerfs and was moving into HCs with my guild. At the moment i've killed 6/7 bosses in Firelands.

What are your past guilds and why did you leave? Since the start of Cata I have only raided with my current guild - Kapow. I still haven't left it, Kapow is a great guild that offered me stable raiding environment and lots of fun. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the guild master quit, so the guild has been slowly dying. I've tried helping but i'm tired and it's time to overcome the nostalgia and move on.

Do you feel you can bring anything special to Valhalla? Anything special? Not that i can think of. But I can offer punctuality, maturity and no drama from my side. Oh and totems, I can bring lots of totems!

Do you have a working ventrillo and mic? Yes.

Do you speak fluent english (gchat and vent are both english)? Yes, I can write better than I can speak, but I can make myself understood when I talk too.

Any other information you would like us to know about you? I'm a bit surprised that there weren't more personal questions, so i'll just add some more info about myself.As I mentioned my name is Mohamed, i'm 17, from Bulgaria. My weakness is football, just love that sport. I really enjoy billiards and table tennis too. My character is named after my cat ( or the cat is named after the toon, can't remember anymore). I enjoy reading fantasy books too.I'm also a fitness enthusiast, I live in a relatively big house and have my own gym room, which I visited almost everyday.
Another thing I'd like to mention is being benched for raids. I have no problem skipping one or two fights every week just because certain raid builds work better and you will not see any whining from me about that. But please, if you can not offer me a raiding spot at the moment, don't invite me to just be your back up for some guildie that decided to alt f4. What i'm trying to say is that I come to be actively engaged with the guilds activities.
Thanks for your time, Foku - out.
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PostSubject: Re: Ehnancement Shaman Foku   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:34 am

Very nice apply, i'd say accepted Smile
But its not fully upto me ofcourse so will wait on gm's review.
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PostSubject: Re: Ehnancement Shaman Foku   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:58 am

Hello mate, gotta say, awesome apply.

I like seeing that players max there proffesions, cannot stand it when you see a jc with 300 skill or something Smile so +1 for that.
I recall your name btw i am not sure why hehe ^^.
Your raiding experience is not all that bad, i mean it shows that you have been around for a while
and probably very experienced in your class :-)

I love that you wanna help rebuild valhalla and god knows i could use a few players like yourself.

I saw you said about standbying, that shouldnt be an issue. You seemed brained and attentive so
we shouldnt have any issues.

Long story short, ACCEPTED.

Whisper myself, hemaworst or allure ingame for an invite.
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PostSubject: Re: Ehnancement Shaman Foku   

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Ehnancement Shaman Foku
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