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 Loot system - how does it affect me?

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PostSubject: Loot system - how does it affect me?   Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:42 am

Hello there, this thread is just a heads up on the loost system and what to expect while using it.

Here in valhalla we will be using LOOT COUNCIL as our loot system. Now many people might
think this system isn't good or that it's one sided but i am just gunna clarrify what it means,
and how it affects you.

Loot council :- an item drops and officers decide who is going to receive it based on your current level of gear.
For example: nefarion 2h drops, Warrior #'1 links the mace from magmaw
Warrior #2 links a Blue hc wep
Dk#1 links a blue hc wep
pala #1 links choggal axe.

All are member so there is no need for member > trial so we then look at the facts, the 2 with epic weps should be removed from the list and the 2 blue wep users are then considered. Is it BiS for a dk or a warrior?

Long story shot:- A loot drops - We link it in chat, All those that want it, link the item they are exchanging for it. Then the 3 officers decide who it goes too.

I hope this clears up any thoughts on valhallas loot system, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask ingame.
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Loot system - how does it affect me?
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