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PostSubject: FuryWarrior   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:53 am

Personal information:
Name: Samuel V
Age: 15
Location: Slovakia

ingame info :

Character Name: Blaare
Character Realm: Tarren-Mill EU Horde
Class: Warrior
Spec: Fury
Professions: Ench/Mining 525

Why are you applying to Valhalla? Looking for a guild that can offer me progress, and maturity, aswel as a slot for raiding

Raid times are 1930-2300 (invites start at 1915) Wednesday/Sunday and Tuesday, Will you be able to attend at these times? Yes

What steps do you take to improve your character? Trail & error, forums & research.

What is your raiding experience?
Vanilla wow: Sadly, Didn't play
TBC: Free servers only; I remember only bits of Karazhan & Sunwell
WOTLK: On retail, raiding since Ulduar
Cata: Am comfortable with 7/8 (Downed Spine, however I only have achi's for 4/8, because I left my spot open for a trial that was needed to be trialed during Hagara, Ultrax & Warmaster Blackhorn)

What are your past guilds and why did you leave? Convicted (Full raids, later inactivity); Sacred Lie Guild disbanded shortly after I joined, not enough active & skilled players available

Do you feel you can bring anything special to Valhalla? Dedication, Professionalism, Determination & Effort.

Do you have a working ventrillo and mic? Yes & Yes

Do you speak fluent english (gchat and vent are both english)? Yes

Any other information you would like us to know about you?
Don't judge me by age, I don't cry like a bitch, I don't have a squeaky voice. I am mature to know when and what to say.
Used to play CS 1.6 semi-professionally, quit because my team went inactive and disbanded.

Gear & Specs:
Mouse: Razer Imperator 4g
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Extended Control Edition
Keyboard: Razer Lycosa
Headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 White USB
Soundcard: SteelSeries External SoundCard
OperatingSystem: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
RAM: 4gb
Graphics: AMD Radeon 6800 Series
Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955
Monitor: Benq 2200HD
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