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 Valhalla and you!

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PostSubject: Valhalla and you!   Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:18 am

Hello members and newcomers alike.
In this post we will go over the finer facts and rules within valhalla.

We expect a high standard of maturity in valhalla and as such immature and silly people will not be tolerated.
We all like the occasional giggle but within reason. We do not want our members to go about offending other players in wow.
This brings bad guild reputation, which of course me nor the other members of valhalla wish to have tarnished.

What we expect of you outside a raid enviroment:

We expect all our members, socials and raiders alike to be active in the guild chat, there is no room for humbugs and stooges here.
We want all our guildees to feel like this is the place to be, that they are part of something bigger than just your average guild.
What we don't want however is racist jokes or bashing at players because of some misunderstandings, have respect for your fellow players.
If we ever were to be informed that a guild member had ninjad/been rude/spiteful, we would take sever action, worst of all being Gkick.
Play nice, Play fair.

What we expect of you Inside a raid:

We expect ALL raiders to attend on time, and prepared. Turning up 15minutes late is NOT acceptable and you WILL be penalized as such.
You are expected to come to raids ready to rock, this includes being in the right specs, having repaired and having ALL the required raid consumables;
Flasks-Food-Potions. Do not expect us to place cauldrons/feasts and Definately do not come with broken gear.

Whilst raiding we expect you to maintain a high level of discipline on ventrillo/in the raid chat. When we raid it's game faces on, especially during an encounter.
All of us love a joke, especially on trash and farm content but, respect the rules and keep the focus up during an encounter.

We hope you can follow these rules so that we do not have to misunderstand each other.

Thanks! /mietosis
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Valhalla and you!
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