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PostSubject: RECRUITMENT STATUS!   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:51 am

Welcome to ValhallaTm's Forums.

Here we will keep up to date with what we currently need and if there is a spot available for you.
Although some of the classes are listed as closed in the list below, we are always open to any exceptional applies regardless of the class/spec, So if you feel that you have what it takes to fill a spot within Valhalla do not hesitate to post an apply and we will get back to you shortly, Thank you.

Priest: Disc/Holy

Druid: Feral

Deathknight: Frost/Unholy

Rogue: All

Shaman: Enh/Ele

Warlock: All

Warrior: Arms/Fury

Hunter: Closed

Mage: Closed

Paladin: Closed

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