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 Raazzer, Combat Rogue

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PostSubject: Raazzer, Combat Rogue   Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:47 am

Personal information:
Name: Patrik Larsson
Age:17 (18 in November)
Location: Malmö, Sweden

ingame info :

Character Name: Raazzer
Character Realm: Tarren Mill
Spec:7/31/3 Combat
Professions: Jewelcrafting, Mining. Can lvl another crafting profession if you want me to.

Why are you applying to Valhalla?
The guild I am in at the moment isen´t very active and some members will stop playing when the school begins again but i want to continue to raid. Also we have about 10 minutes break before each try on a boss becuase there is always someone that need to do something before each try. I want to join Valhalla to have a good time when we progress in raid but also have a more schedueld raiding.

Raid times are 1900-2300 Wednesday/Sunday and Tuesday, Will you be able to attend at these times?
Yes i will be able to attend all days.

What steps do you take to improve your character?
I use a spreadsheet called shadowcraft to optimize my gear. And then i go to the dummy and make some tries to see that everything seems normal and if it´s not I go and try some other solution.

What is your raiding experience?
Vanilla wow: In vanilla i didn´t raid that much only did MC and ZG 3 times each or something.
TBC: Karazhan, Gruul´s Lair, and some bosses in ZA.
WOTLK:Naxx, Toc, And ICC killed lk in 10 man normal and did 6 or 7 bosses in HC.
Cata:Done all tier one(10 man) raids on normal in 4.2 and done Shanox in 10 man and got Beth to 0.7%.

What are your past guilds and why did you leave?
When i came to Tarren Mill about a 1 and a half year ago i Joined Crowded on the ally side and after while most members migged horde and we made the guild Awake my Soul. I left Awake my soul becuase I stopped playing for a while in the end of WOTLK. After that I joined Titans Renewed with some IRL friends and I am still in it but now i am looking for another guild becuase we don´t raid that much and we never get a full guild raid and as i mentioned before the guild isn´t very active.

Do you feel you can bring anything special to Valhalla?
I think i know my class and always tries to do my best and don´t whine about loot. I am also very patient and can whipe on a boss for a long time if everyone else do thier best.

Do you have a working ventrillo and mic?
Yes I have ventrilo working on my computer and a working mic

Do you speak fluent english (gchat and vent are both english)?
My speaking english is good my writing could be better but i make myself understood.
Any other information you would like us to know about you?
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PostSubject: Re: Raazzer, Combat Rogue   Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:42 am

Nice apply and gear,
Got in just before we closed recruitment Razz
We could do with another rogue so,
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Raazzer, Combat Rogue
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